Tournament of Knights Announced

~Tournament of Knights~ ToK is going to be a sister game to our current main project here at Grimware. We wanted to get the ball rolling and try some new ideas with this while possibly learning something new. On with the show! In this “Tournament”, combatants will face off against hordes of attackers, not necessarily other knights. Your traditional grisly undead, fierce creatures, and even men with darkened hearts will be at your heels here. There will be waves of varying difficulty that the player must contend with. Choose your character – be it a burly strong-armed Axe wielder, a lithe bowman, a wild eyed spell-caster, or perhaps even a mix of the above. Can you make it to the end? Will you dominate the high-scores and make other champions curse thy tea? This is Tournament of Knights.

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Tournament of Knights Gameplay Video

Preparing a showcase

January has been a busy month and bit just got busier. We will be showcasing our new project on February 1st, and to really make an impact, we see why AAA game companies have a staff dedicated to public relations.

We have been splitting our time between development for the actual project, but also taking screenshots, recording game play videos, coming up with a unique brand for the project, and discussing ideas for when we will be ready for releasing a playable build.

In terms of scope, the project we are working on is roughly 2 kilometers of exploitable content as of now. To compare, Bethesda’s Oblivion is about 16 kilometers. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 is appropriately 40 kilometers. This may not be a great number comparison, but in the game, you feel apart of the world. And we do not have artificial barriers or endless oceans to contain the player.

I better stop now before I divulge too much.


Games Menu Added

We may be divulging a little more than we want as of now, but please check out our previous games under the Game Menu. Included in the links are promotional art, screenshots, and some videos.

Meanwhile, we are still busy at work on our next project.